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Dear Zindagi Movie Review Rating

Dear Zindagi is a new Hindi Movie Released on November the in India and November 23rd in US. Shah Rukh Khan is playing main lead role in Dear Zindagi Movie. Beside Shah Rukh Khan Alia Bhatt is playing a role. The movie Dear Zindagi is all about Kaira who failed love 3 times in her life. Dear Zindagi is the 3rd Movie of Shah Rukh Khan in this year 2016. In this year Shah Rukh Khan acted in Fan and played guest appearance in aa dil hai mushkil and Dear Zindagi is the third Movie in 2016.

Cast and Crew of Dear Zindagi: 

Directer: Gauri Shinde
Producer: Gauri Khan, Karan Johar, Gauri Shinde
Writter: Gauri Shinde
Screenplay: Gauri Shinde
Starring: Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan
Music Director: Amit Trivedi
Cinematography: Laxman Utekar
Editer: Hemanti Sarkar
Production Company: Dharma Productions, Red Chillies Entertainment, Hope Productions
Distributort: Red Chillies Entertainment
Release dates: 23 November 2016 (United States)
                     25 November 2016 (Worldwide)
Language: Hindi

Dear Zindagi Review

 Dear Zindagi is Released on November 25th 2016. Dear Zindagi movie was directed by Gauri Shinde. Dear Zndagi was the second movie for Gauri Shinde to Direct. First movie of Gauri Shinde is English Vinglish. Sri Devi was the lead role in English Vinglish. 

  Amit Trivedi the man who composed all the songs in Dear Zindagi. There are total 6 tracks in Dear Zindagi they are
  • Just Go to Hell Dil
  • Love You Zindagi
  • Tu Hi Hai
  • Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le
  • Taarefon Se
  • Lets Break Up
All the songs was released on November 15th 2016 by Red Chillies. The songs in Dear Zindagi was super. Amit Trivedi Composed all the songs super. Rating for Dear Zindagi Movie is 4/5.

Dear Zindagi Review

Dear Zindagi Movie Rating(4/5):

Dear Zindagi rating is 4/5. Director Gauri Khan has showed the movie very good and the story was good. And the Screenplay of Dear Zindagi was fabulous.The Scenes between Shah Rukh khan and Alia Bhatt are best in this movie. It is a family entertainment Movie every one can watch.

           The movie Dear zindagi received quite good reviews and being applauded for the cinematography. Many of the Dear Zindagi review on the web are mainly focused
on the performance of the lead actors, who did a remarkable job and proved they are the best fit for the role. Dear zindagi rating are healthy. It seems the possible reason behind the Dear Zindagi rating is the remarkable music. Dear Zindagi's fairly satisfying reviews can be stated as one of the driving factors for the success of the film. In conclusion, Dear Zindagi is a worth for our valuable money and it is one of those movies that keeps us entertaining in the cinema halls.

Dangal Movie Review:

Dangal is a new Hindi movie releasing on 23rd December 2016. Dangal is a true story. And it is the first film to Aamir Khan to act in a sport based movie. Dangal Movie has got good review among the sudience. Dangal Review was good and it can beat many records in Indian film industry.  Dangal Rating was good on the first day and it may work in the box office collection.


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Fan Movie Premiere* Show (UAE, USA) Review Rating 4/5*}, Live Updates, Response

Fan Movie Premiere Show UAE, USA Review Rating{4/5*}, Live Updates, Response : Fan is an Indian Bollywood movie that is releasing on April 15, 2016. The movie stars Shahrukh Khan in lead roles and is a psychological thriller movie. Fan is a coming of the age drama with unique story and acting added to it. The hype for the movie is very high as we can see from the trailers which went Viral recently. Yash Raj films is producing Fan movie with high production values and the fans of SRK are waiting eagerly for the movie. As the movie has premiere shows in countries like UAE, US, UK and Canada.,we are providing the Fan movie Premiere show review rating and Live Updates from theaters along with Audience and public response. Our Critics will be reviewing SRK'S Fan movie from the Premier Show and benefit show review rating.

Fan Movie Premiere Show UAE, USA, UK Review Rating, Srk Fan Movie Live Updates, Critics Review, Public Response, P"review" Analysis :

fan movie premiere show review rating, fan premiere review, fan premiere rating

Fan movie Premieres to the audience worldwide on April 15, 2016 but due to the time differences and special premieres, the movie will be released before the actual theatrical shows and the Critics and audience over there will review the movie. The countries which have Premiere shows for Bollywood movies are UAE, UK and USA. These countries have premiere shows and as the movie stars Shah Rukh Khan, the demand for Premiere shows will be very high when compared to other movies. The inside talk and censor report suggest that Fan is an experimental and a different movie and is a "HIT".

Check : Fan Movie Review Rating {Updated}

Fan Movie Premiere Show Review Rating {4/5} :

Inside sources and critics who have seen the film in Premiere theaters are describing it as a different film and a good one. Read the Fan 2016 movie Story, plot, Review and Rating below.

Fan movie Premiere Preview Story :

Aryan Khanna(SRK) is a superstar and has millions of fans in India. Gaurav(SRK) is a doppelganger fan of Aryan Khanna and will go to severe lengths to meet him and talk to him. In this process, he hurts a certain someone and shows that to Aryan Khanna. A certain shocked Aryan Khanna has some negative shades in him and has a lot arrogance and instead of dealing the situation with sensibility he shows his arrogance and threatens Gaurav physically. Seeing his GOD like figure behaving like that brings tears to Gaurav and gets obsessive to destroy him (or) strip him of his stardom. This angers Aryan Khanna and he uses his influence to torture Gaurav. The psychological conflict between Aryan and Gaurav gets very critical at many points and both the characters do stupid things to hurt each other which brings to the mega climax with a huge fight scene in the streets of India. Who will win in the game of hurting each other? Will both the Characters come to an understanding ? Will someone die in the process? These are the cliffhangers that will be solved in the movie.

Fan film Review Rating from premieres :

fan movie live updates, premiere show review rating, fan movie response

Though the movie has two characters, the director never really shows any one of them in a negative light (or) as a villain. The good thing director did was develop the characterizations of the characters rather than focusing on good and bad. This will make the audience unbiased and get ready for the ultimate climax episode rooting for both the characters. 

Full movie report will be updated in some time.

Must Check :

Fan Movie Live updates :

Live updates for Fan Film from premieres will start in some time. Stay tuned.

Fan Movie Critic Review, Response :

The critic response and Censor Board response for the film is in a positive light and we will get to know the report once the premieres have been started everywhere.

  • Fan Movie got 5 Cuts from the Censor Board in which 4 are verbal cuts for foul language.
  • The other cut is a violent scene where Aryan Khanna makes the police beat Gaurav brutally in a Police station. The scene is reported to be very violent with screams of pain of SRK.

Fan Movie Twitter review, Best Tweets :

These are best tweets from celebrities and Fans who can't wait to watch Shahrukh Khan as Aryan Khanna and Gaurav in Fan, the movie.

Fan Movie Premier Show* Booking Theaters List in Bangalore, Mumbai Delhi Hyderabad

Fan movie is gonna hit screen now all the way with SRK fever and check out the movie premier show review live updates and all the latest news etc for the SRK fan movie theaters list check the list below for the India and overseas list will be available soon.

Fan Movie Theaters List

fan movie review
fan movie review

Fan Movie Premiere Show Pre-Booking

Movie have got the huge opening at the release of trailer and this is why pricing of pre-ticketing Fan Movie 2016 is quite expensive. As we know Fan Movie is about to be released on 15 April, 2016. Hence if you want to get seats of your own choice, then get ready to book these tickets from online booking portals. galore and Kolkata region, where shows are going houseful. While at some places the tickets are already sold out, at some places it’s filling up fast. Fan movie can get a bumper opening if the opening day pre-booking ticket sales record a good occupancy.

fan movie review

Friends if we talk about the price of pre-tickets, it may lie between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,000 in NCR, in Mumbai the first-day night show ticket rates are in Rs. 700 range, while in Bangalore it’s between Rs. 700 to Rs. 1,000 at some theatres, according to movie seat booking experts. So get ready to be entertain by SRK in double role. Make this friday memorable being watched by Fan movie 2016.

Fan Movie Tickets Online for Bangalore City


07>00 AM 10>00 AM 01>00 PM 04>00 PM 07>00 PM 10>00 PM


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09>40 AM 12>45 PM 03>50 PM 06>55 PM 10>00 PM


09>10 AM 12>15 PM 03>20 PM 06>25 PM 09>30 PM


09>40 AM 12>45 PM 03>50 PM 06>55 PM 10>00 PM


09>25 AM 12>30 PM 03>35 PM 06>40 PM 09>45 PM


09>40 AM 12>45 PM 03>50 PM 06>55 PM 10>00 PM


08>55 AM 12>00 PM 03>05 PM 06>10 PM 09>15 PM


09>45 AM 12>45 PM 03>45 PM 06>45 PM 09>45 PM


12>40 PM 03>10 PM 07>30 PM


06>00 PM 09>45 PM


10>00 PM

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Fan (1st Day)* Box Office Prediction Collections -Fan Income Report Worldwide

Fan Movie 1st Day Box Office Predictions, Collections, Income report, Earnings 2016 : Fan movie is getting released on April 15, 2016 and the expectations on the movie are quite high. Fan(2016) movie stars Shahrukh Khan and Waluscha D'souza in lead roles. Though the movie is not a hero-heroine oriented movie, Waluscha D'souza stars as a supporting actress beside Shahrukh Khan. King Khan (or) Shahrukh Khan is playing 2 roles in the film.

Fan 1st Day Collection Prediction

The movie is very hyped and is one of the most anticipated movies of 2016. Not only in India, but many fans and normal audience are waiting for this movie. As the movie is of very popularity, the box-office is going to get blasted with new records. Read below for Fan Movie Box Office Predictions, Fan movie collection, SRK Fan movie Income Report, Shahrukh Khan's Fan movie collections, Reports from the Industry about SRK's Fan movie 2016 Box Office Predictions below.

Fan Movie Total Box Office Prediction, Collections, Overseas & Worldwide Collections :

Fan Movie is being released on April 15, 2016 in many centers in India and other countries. With many number of screens, Fan movie is expected to collect around 150-180 Crores in the first weekend.

Fan Box Office Predictions :

Fan Box Office Predictions for Fan movie can be very huge depending on the number of theaters. The fans of Shah Rukh khan are going mad after watching the trailers and teasers and are waiting for the movie to hit the screens eagerly. Going by the hype, fan movie would easily cross the mark of collecting 500+ Crores and earn more than that.

Fan Opening day, 1st Day 2nd Day 3rd Day Box Office Collection Prediction :

Expected Collections, predicted collection for Fan movie (2016) :

  • Fan 1st Day Collection : 50-60 Crores
  • Fan 2nd Day Collection : 50 Crores
  • Fan Total Weekend Collection : 100-140 Crores (Expected)

Fan Box Office Collection :

The Box Office Collection of Fan movie are very high. As the movie stars Shahrukh Khan and is directed by Maneesh Sharma and trailers of the movie state that the story of the movie is very interesting and is indeed a dark movie.

The movie is a thriller about a Fan that adores and worships Shahrukh khan and slowly gets obsessed with meeting him. But when the chance occurs, he messes up and get's a bad impression in the eyes of Shahrukh Khan as the fan did something uncool. Later, Shahrukh faces a threat from the obsessive fan who clearly isn't happy from the hospitality he received from Shahrukh in his first meeting.

Fan Overseas and Worldwide Collection :

fan movie rating
fan movie rating

Fan movie is releasing in Countries like USA, Germany, UK and many other foreign countries.

Though the trailers are well edited and doesn't let us support one character, it is hard to know is the Fan is the real villain in the movie (or) the celebrity. The movie can actually be brilliant if the movie does not go in favor of Hero and Villain but be a film that explores Characters and the deeds they do.

As the story of the movie is very interesting, all the fans are eagerly waiting for the movie to premiere in the Theaters. The Box office collections will be updated on April 15, 2016.

Fan Movie Collections :

The movie does not have any major competition on that day rather than from films "The Jungle Book" and without any competition, the movie is a sure shot winner. 

Bookmark this page for Fan Box Office Review and Fan Box Office Collections.

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Fan Movie {Review, Rating} 4.5/5* - SRK Fan Story, Public Talk, 1st Day Collection Prediction

Fan Movie Review Rating, Story, Box Office Collection prediction : "Fan" is an Indian Hindi movie starring Shahrukh Khan {SRK}{King Khan} in a lead role. Fan is a Thriller film and also has some Action genre attached to it. Directed by Maneesh Sharma, the movie is produced under the banner of "Yash Raj Films". Fan movie also stars other supporting actors but none were mentioned specially in the movie (or) the promos because Shahrukh Khan plays the both roles of the Antagonist and Protagonist of the Film and it's totally a one man show down all the way. 'Fan' released in theaters worldwide on April 15th, 2016. Everyone is excited to see this movie and here are the details on Fan Movie Review, Fan Movie Rating, Fan Box Office Collection prediction and Fan premiere show response along with Fan Live Updates from Twitter.

Fan Movie Review & Rating, Story, Box Office Collection prediction, Premiere Show Live updates :

Fan Movie Review Rating, Fan Review, Fan Ratings
fan review

"Fan" Movie is first of it's kind in Indian Movie history (or) maybe in All the movie History. What's so special about this movie is that Shahrukh plays the role of both the Antagonist and Protagonist in the film. Not that it isn't something we've already seen before. But Khan plays psychological games against himself and fights physically against himself which makes the whole concept nerve wracking and so much interesting. So, with all the anticipation building up to the point where everyone asks a single question "Is the movie any Good ??" We will be telling that to you on April 14th with some premier show live updates but until then, Let's analyse the synopsis of the film Fan, Fan Film Review rating, Fan Movie Review, Fan Trailer Review, Fan Review and Rating, Fan Premier Show response, Fan Movie Live updates, Fan twitter review and Fan Box Office Collection prediction and some facts about "Fan" movie in the below article. Read to share the same fandom we share with Shahrukh Khan if you are someone that dances on the "Jabra" Fan anthem out there.

Fan Movie Synopsis :

The story and screenplay for "Fan" movie is written by Maneesh Sharma himself and it is now on him to pull of the stunt no one has tried to pull off in the Industry. With Shahrukh Khan stepping up his "Experiment" game mode ON, he has been selecting some decent scripts to prove that he is better than the best. After "Happy New Year" and "Dilwale" bombed at the Critic Reviews and Audience Ratings, Shahrukh Khan really needed a really good comeback and he had just hit the Bull's eye.

The marketing campaigns for the film were brilliant and the Story was brilliant and to step up the game a little bit, The Fan official trailer dropped giving everyone the goosebumps they wanted from Bollywood after a long time. Though being commercial in a sense because it stars one of the Biggest movie star, the Critic bone tickles and will deliver some brilliant reviews this time.

Fan Movie Cast :

  • Shahrukh Khan
  • Shreya Pilgoankar
  • Waluscha De sousa
  • Yogendra Tiku
  • Deepika Amin
  • Sayani Gupta and other supporting cast.

Crew :

  • Director : Maneesh Sharma
  • Cinematographer : Manu Anand
  • Editor : Namrata Rao
  • Producer : Aditya Chopra

                                                    Read : Fan Movie Live Updates

Fan Hindi Movie Facts :

  1. Shahrukh Khan underwent 3D scanning to change the facial structure of Gaurav in the film.
  2. The Whole set of his home "Mannat" was recreated in  Film city for some shooting scenes.
  3. In the first of it's kind attempt, The logo was released amongst his fans and the Official Logo for "Fan" is nothing but a collage of pictures of Shahrukh Khan and his personal life.
  4. The shooting for the movie "Fan" has been carried out in Croatia, London, Mumbai and Delhi.
  5. Shahrukh Khan's Fan Trailer went viral hitting in the 10 million mark in just a week.

Fan Hindi Movie Trailer :

Watch "Fan Official Hindi Movie Theatrical Trailer (2016)" and read the story afterwards.

Fan Movie Story Preview (Trailer breakdown):

Fan Movie Story, Fan Movie Live Updates, Fan movie Premier Show Response
fan movie review

Gaurav(Shahrukh Khan) is a small minded, obsessive and innocent Fan of Aryan Khanna (Shahrukh Khan), the real life nemesis of Shahrukh Khan. Gaurav has only some goals in life and the most important one is to meet the Star of his life "Aryan Khanna" atleast once and spend time with him. In this process, he travels to Mumbai to meet Aryan Khanna, and sees him for the first time. But, after something happens and some one abuses Aryan Khanna, Gaurav threates him up, beats him and sends this video to Aryan Khanna in the hope of impressing him and meeting him. Aryan Khanna gets pissed off at this, and meets Gaurav to tell him to stay away from him and tells him that he is none of his business. Now, this has been kept a mystery if "Aryan Khanna" plays the arrogant & evil celebrity in the movie, but from the trailers, it is Gaurav, who triggers the chain of events in the movie.

                                     Fan Movie Rating : 4.5/5 {Expected}

So, after getting hurt by his first meeting with Aryan Khanna, a rage driven Gaurav cries, sobs and takes an oath to teach his Idol a lesson. That's what obsession will make people do!! So, Gaurav tries to stop everything Aryan Khanna participates in and ruins the image of Aryan Khanna, making both the Characters go into a physical fight against each other. The movie featured some pretty nice action scenes in some Non-Indian locations and this is again something the team will keep under the sheets. Though many speculations have been made, the ending of the movie "Fan" will be a very powerful and emotional one and all the people going to watch the movie, take some tissues with you., and yes of course., One of the Shahrukh's Character will die in the movie. My bett is on the mad "Fan".

Fan Movie Review :

The promos and trailers can't get much better than this. The movie is full hyped, audience set to breathe in the psychological thriller and the fans ready to scream in the theater. As the movie has a unique story, it all comes down to the director and his narrating and executing skills. The movie is totally being made on a Hollywood themed narrative, without any songs. However, "Jabra" fan anthem has been released as a promotional song that will not screen in the movie.

The Fan Live Review and Fan Movie Review will be updated on April 14th, Midnight along with Live updates. Bookmark this page for Fan Movie Review first-on-net.

Fan Critic Reviews, Fan Critic Ratings :

  • IMDB - ?/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes - ?/100
  • Times Of India - ?/5

All the critic reviews and critic ratings will be updated soon.

Fan Movie Live Updates:

Fan Movie live Updates will updated soon..!!On April 14th.

Fan Box Office Collection Prediction :

Fan Box Office Collection Prediction, Fan 1st Day Collection, Fan 2nd Day collection
fan movie rating

Fan Movie will be collect a lot of good Box Office collections and if the movie really pleases the audience well., The movie can cross over 300-400 crores in the first weekend itself. Fan Box Office Collection Prediction for 1st day will be around 80-100 Crores and Fan 2nd Day Box Office Collection will be around 80-100 Crores.

Fan Movie Final Verdict, Review Rating :

A very nice movie with a very great story and top level acting skills is coming to the screens and do not miss this movie. 

Press Ctrl+D to bookmark this page and Visit again and again to Know the latest news about "Fan"movie and comeback for the Fan Movie Live Updates, Fan Movie Twitter Review and Fan premiere show response.

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Fan Movie* Trailer Review, Rating and Audience Response !!!

Fan Trailer Review

The official fan movie trailer is out and now check out the SRK most awaited trailer and now it had crossed 10 million ( 1 crore) hits on the youtube and making some sensational sounds that it is the best ever trailer in SRK career and check the fan movie review, rating and box office collections updates and more here stay tuned for the fan movie updates till ..

Fan Movie

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Fan Movie Highlights | Director | Fan Movie Cast & Crew

Fan Movie

King Khan Shahrukh khan mania is about to start today evening FAN movie song is to be released. FAN movie is having only one song and song starts like this "main tera fan hogaya" .Back ground music was composed Vishal-Sekar.

Cinema was announced on 16th December 2013 but due to injuries to khan during Happy new year movie it is delayed and shooting completed on 7th august 2015.Cinema needs a good visual effects so it was further postponed to April 2016. Movie was directed by Maneesh sharma and produced by Aditya Chopra under Yash raj films banner. Main lead characters are King khan Sharukh Khan as Hero and heroines as Shriya Pilgaonkar her parents are Sachin and Supriya Pilgaonkar who are big guns at Marathi film industry and Waluscha De Sousa 2000 beauty pea gent of famine miss India.

Movie is about a person who wants to meet his idol worshipper looks same like him who is a real life movie actor and it is thriller you need to wait some time to know full story. Two photo teaser were realised earlier last one released on khan's 50th birthday and first one was also a unique one it comprises of collection of his real fans.

Highlights of FAN Movie:

  • King Khan is seen as dual role in this movie.
  • Movie is having only single track "main tera fan hogaya"
  • Two Actress who are acting in this movie are new to film industry
  • Academy award winner Greg Cannom was worked as makeup artist and king khan went for 3d scanning for face.
  • Some scenes was pictured first time at London, famous museum Madame Tussauds.
  • National award winner for editing Namarata rao is editor for this film
Tune here many more updates coming in this site